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As we continue to work through the hundreds of books we recently took in on consignment a few details are emerging.  We have found in the collection many First Edition books on gambling, a few rare and hard to find books along with many vintage books from the 1920′s through the 1960′s.

One of the bigger surprises was the collection of gambling magazines, many of which are no longer being published. These magazines hold a treasure trove of information and insight from many of the biggest names in gambling. Magazines like Casino World, Poker Digest, Blackjack Confidential, Blackjack Review, S&M’s Casino & Sports,  Rouge Et Noir News, Gaming International, Boardwalk International, Gamblers World, Gambling, Win and Dalton’s Blackjack Review.

Oh, did I mention  newspapers like Poker Player?  Yes, we have them also.

If you have an interest in the magazines or the newspapers email us at sales@oldwestantiques.biz as it will be awhile before we get to them.





Mother-of-Pearl (M.O.P.) Game Counters

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Date from 1720-1840

Mother-of-Pearl counters, hand-made by the Chinese between 1720 and 1840 are by far the most exquisite example of gambling items made by man.

Many, if not most, counters were made in sets and commissioned by individuals (note the script “L” on the counter in the photo).

According to Dale Seymour, in his book Antique Gambling Chips, “counters can be dated to within fifteen years by style and within two years from records.”

It is estimated that somewhere between 2000 to 2500 monogrammed counters sets were made.

Counters in the U.S. were used in card games and referred to as “Chips”.

M.O.P. comes from the inner shell of the pearl oyster and is of the same material as a pearl.  The Chinese would remove the outer portion of the shell by grinding and then hand carve the inner shell and then polish the final product.  This was a very time-intensive activity resulting in many man hours to complete a single set of counters.

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