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Gambler Luke Short

Welcome to “Gambling in America”

Come on in, sit a spell, look around, and give out a shout if I can help with anything. As you might imagine, having traveled extensively throughout the Old West from cow town to mining camp, I have pretty much experienced most every high (and low) a man can handle in this here life. The stories you will read are all true, and I have the facts to back ‘em up!

History Lesson

Some city slicker is gonna ask, “How’d you get so smart?” Well, I led a pretty full life in the short time I have been here, including spending my days as a farmhand, wrangler, army scout, trader, card dealer, buffalo hunter, professional gambler and business owner.

So, if  your mission is to learn about gamblin in these here United States of America, you came to the right spot. Of course, if you just want to know more about me, I have a spot for that too!

Luke Short

Luke Short on the Trump Casino $5 Gambling Chip

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