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Pawn Stars

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Having knowledge of gambling in the Old West (www.FrontierGamblers.Com) and having watched the Pawn Stars episode detailing a “Gamblers Box”.  I would like to point out that the expert Rick called in stated, “90 to 95% of all gamblers boxes were accumulated”, meaning someone put them together after the fact. I would suggest the number is more like 100%. In all my years dealing in antique gambling equipment (www.oldwestantiques.Biz) I’ve never found a single manufacturers catalog offering for sale a gamblers box. No doubt itinerant gamblers would need something to carry a gun(s), maybe a knife, cards, clothes, personal care items and the like while traveling and that would be a carpet bag or suitcase.

… a.k.a. Grand Theft Stagecoach

If you are of fan of this hit video game you are going to love OldWestAntiques.Biz where you can actually buy many of the old west items depicted throughout the game.

Items such as those found in a Saloon or worn by a Cowboy and gambling items used by professional gamblers from the Old West.

We’re talking Guns, Knives, Handcuffs, Brass Knuckles, Night Sticks, Saloon Tokens, Morgan Dollars, Arrowheads, Playing Cards, Shot Glasses, Whiskey Bottles, Bootjacks, Dice, Poker Chips, Ect, Ect, Ect.

Here the point, why not own or start a collection of genuine items from the Old West period that relate to the game.

Stop by and checkout the selection.