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Wyatt Earp

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This bit of history is brought to you by Old West Antiques, “Where the Old West Comes Back to Life”.

Many of you will remember in the movie Tombstone when Wyatt alluded to killing a cowboy in Dodge City while trying to control a group of drunken cowboys.

Well it was on this day, July 26th in 1878, while attempting to preserve the peace in Dodge City that Assistant Marshal Wyatt Earp traded shots with a band of drunken cowboys, fatally wounding one of them.

It was the only time Wyatt was forced to kill a man until he arrived in Tombstone and took a stand against the outlaw bunch known as the “Cowboys”.

Can you imagine what is was like to live in Dodge City, a place described as, ” The Bibulous Babylon of the Plain”, ” Queen of the Cow Towns” and ” A Wicked Little Town”. A place that at any given time you could run into the likes of; Clay Allison, Charlie Bassett, Jesse Chisholm, Buffalo Bill Cody, Shotgun Collins, Big Nose Kate, Eddie Foy, Charles Goodnight, Dora Hand, Doc Holliday, Rowdy Joe Lowe and wife Rowdy Kate Lowe, Bat Masterson, Mysterious Dave Mather, Luke Short, Squirrel Tooth Alice, Ben Thompson, Bill Tilghman (the best of the best lawman in the old west), and a host of others that I know I’ve missed.

A place where in 1879 a visitor reported 700 residents, 14 saloons,2 dance halls and 47 prostitutes. It was also reported that gambling ranged from 5 cent chuck-a-luck to $1,000.00 poker pot. Almost every top rated gambler made it a point to visit Dodge City. Dodge City’s wide-open reputation was all the draw needed to get your average man to want to stop by and do a little drinking, try his luck at the tables and chase a few girls.

That sure would have been something to see.

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