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Gamblers and their Hide-aways

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When you think of old west gamblers you can’t help but think about those hide-away guns and knives they carried just in case things turned bad.

A gambler may have a single  shot ‘boot gun’ or a ‘palm pistol’ close at hand. He may have a ‘push dagger’ or ‘Arkansas Tooth pick’ attached to a chain around his neck or in a scabbard on his waist.

Luke Short carried a modified Colt .45, the barrel was cut down to a nub since he only planned on shooting across a poker table. Doc Holliday used a cane on July 4, 1877 on gambler Henry Kahn. Later that same day Kahn shot Doc, seriously wounding him. On August 19, 1884 Doc used a pistol to shoot gambler Billy Allen inside Hyman’s Saloon, Leadville, CO.

On February 11,  1878 gambler Billy Simms kills his first man who just happens to also be a friend and drinking buddy. The two become embroiled in a heated argument over the affections of Annie Woods. Grocery clerk J.V. George learns the Simms is alone with Woods in her room and breaks the door down. George banishes a knife and Simms simply pulls his revolver and kills George.

The Remington .41 calibre Double Deringer was a favorite carry-concealed gun. First introduced in 1867 and improved four times over the years it had two barrels, over & under, with a rotating firing pin. It could be hung off a pocket watch chain or hidden in a vest pocket.  Today, it is a favorite of  pocket pistol collectors and just screams old west gambler.

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Old West Saloon

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Oh, to have owned an old west saloon. I would have called it, ” The Palace Royal Gambling Hall”.

As I ride down the dusty street towards my place I can hear the piano music flowing out the front entrance. Slowing to a halt as I pull up reins and dismount I now hear all the chatter of people inside. The sounds of laughter and music, coins clanging together along with glasses and bottles. A huge thirst hits me as I walk through the batwing doors while knocking the dust from my clothes with my hat. My eyes feast on the sights through a haze of smoke.  In one corner I see a barber hard at work. The gals  all dressed in the latest fashion catch my eyes as I continue to survey the sights. I next notice the highly polished bar with the fancy back bar and huge mirror. Looking into the mirror I see the poker tables and beyond them a pool table, all busy with customers laughing and having a good time.

It’s a typical friday night as the crowd begins to swell and people are jammed elbow to elbow. But this night is different in that Lilly Langtree has come to town and will be putting on a performance shortly. She is truly the Queen of all the cowtowns and the biggest thing to come to these parts, ever!

I hear my name being called out and begin to make my way towards the gambling tables. As I pass the Keno table and Chuck-A-Luck I notice a large gathering of cowboys cutting up and think to myself it’s going to be a wild night tonight.  As I approach the poker table the boys gathered around open a pathway for me and I now see my old pals setting at the table.  To my left is ol’ Doc and to his left is Bat. On my right is Wyatt and beyond him is my nemesis Jim Courtright. Directly in front of me is an open seat. The boys all greet me as I slide into the chair. As I reach into my breast pocket to pull out my money I think to myself, it doesn’t get any better then this.  But before my money hits the table I hear, “honey, dinner is ready”.  My dream has come to a screeching halt as I am jolted back to reality and the first hand hasn’t even been dealt.

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