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Red Dead Redemption

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… a.k.a. Grand Theft Stagecoach

If you are of fan of this hit video game you are going to love OldWestAntiques.Biz where you can actually buy many of the old west items depicted throughout the game.

Items such as those found in a Saloon or worn by a Cowboy and gambling items used by professional gamblers from the Old West.

We’re talking Guns, Knives, Handcuffs, Brass Knuckles, Night Sticks, Saloon Tokens, Morgan Dollars, Arrowheads, Playing Cards, Shot Glasses, Whiskey Bottles, Bootjacks, Dice, Poker Chips, Ect, Ect, Ect.

Here the point, why not own or start a collection of genuine items from the Old West period that relate to the game.

Stop by and checkout the selection.

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Faro Dealing Box

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Back in the “Old West” days the most popular game played in the Saloons and Gambling Houses was “Faro“. This was the game of choice for Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and Luke Short, just to name a few. I could easily add that it was popular with most Professional Gamblers.

To play the game you needed a deck of cards and a layout at the very least. You could enhance the game with a Case Keeper and a Dealing Box, like the one pictured to the right.

This particular dealing box was made by the well know company, Mason & Co. out of Chicago. It is made of German Silver, also known as Nickel Silver. Many of these boxes were gaffed (rigged to cheat), this box isn’t.

Modern boxes made today are made of brass not German Silver otherwise the modern boxes look and operate the same as the original boxes.

You will find this particular box and one that isn’t “marked” for sale at Old West Antiques. Stop by and check them out along with Faro Layouts and Case Keepers.

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