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Gamblers and their Hide-aways

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When you think of old west gamblers you can’t help but think about those hide-away guns and knives they carried just in case things turned bad.

A gambler may have a single  shot ‘boot gun’ or a ‘palm pistol’ close at hand. He may have a ‘push dagger’ or ‘Arkansas Tooth pick’ attached to a chain around his neck or in a scabbard on his waist.

Luke Short carried a modified Colt .45, the barrel was cut down to a nub since he only planned on shooting across a poker table. Doc Holliday used a cane on July 4, 1877 on gambler Henry Kahn. Later that same day Kahn shot Doc, seriously wounding him. On August 19, 1884 Doc used a pistol to shoot gambler Billy Allen inside Hyman’s Saloon, Leadville, CO.

On February 11,  1878 gambler Billy Simms kills his first man who just happens to also be a friend and drinking buddy. The two become embroiled in a heated argument over the affections of Annie Woods. Grocery clerk J.V. George learns the Simms is alone with Woods in her room and breaks the door down. George banishes a knife and Simms simply pulls his revolver and kills George.

The Remington .41 calibre Double Deringer was a favorite carry-concealed gun. First introduced in 1867 and improved four times over the years it had two barrels, over & under, with a rotating firing pin. It could be hung off a pocket watch chain or hidden in a vest pocket.  Today, it is a favorite of  pocket pistol collectors and just screams old west gambler.

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